Delightful Soy Candles ltd ®

Made in the USA!

Why Soy Candles

Soy Wax is Naturally Clean & Green!

  • 100% Soy Wax
  • CLEANS UP with Soap & Water
  • NO toxic petroleum products (which are found in paraffin candles)
  • 95% Less soot than paraffin

Environment & Lung Friendly!

  • 100% Cotton Wicks
  •  ALL Wicks are LEAD-FREE!

Soy Burns LONGER & STRONGER Than Paraffin

  •  Soy Wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax.
  •  A lower burning temperature results in a SLOWER, STRONGER, & LONGER burning candle!
  •  Soy candles typically burn 8-10 hours per every one ounce of wax in the container.

About our Candles

Each Delightful Soy ltd ® candle is hand-crafted just for you, using only the BEST materials possible.  This starts with pure 100% natural kosher soy wax (no paraffin here!) an all cotton wick, and the finest essential oils and fragrances on the market.  You will absolutely LOVE the difference!  This begins with select quality glassware, then the maximum amounts of pure essential and/or botanical oils are hand-stirred throughout 100% Kosher Soy Wax to ensure that your last burn is as fragrant as your first!  Finally, each wick is centered by hand; your candle is then carefully inspected and packaged to arrive safely From Our Home to Yours!    

Soy Wax Burning Tips

  • Allow the top of your soy candle to become liquid completely across the top (edge to edge) each time you burn the candle. This is especially important during the INITIAL burn to prevent tunneling (candle burns down the center in a small diameter around wick). 
  • Always trim your wick prior to relighting your soy candle. Recommended length of your wick is 1/8" to 1/4".
  • Since 100% cotton wicks do not have a metal strips for support, the wick may move out of the center of your soy candle. In this case, gently pull the wick back to the center when the wax is cool and soft.
  • Keep soy candles out of drafts as to avoid uneven burning.
  • Since soy wax is water soluble, a rise in temperature may cause a soy candle to sweat (tiny liquid beads on top of candle). If sweating occurs, simply move candle to a cooler location. Soy candles should not be left in direct sunlight.


At your wick's end? Enlighten Your Senses with Delightful Soy ltd® Home Made Gourmet Candles


  • Return any soy candle container purchased from us and we will refill it with your choice of any fragrance for $1.00 less than the original purchase price.
  • You can also reuse your soy wax container after washing it with hot, soapy water. It is SAFE for food products.
  • Soy Wax is 100% BIODEGRADEABLE. It is recommended to dispose of Soy Candle Wax by pouring it into flowerbeds and/or lawns.

Watch Your Soy Candle Bloom!

  • Delightful Soy ltd® uses100% Kosher Soy Wax in each candle before adding the FINEST fragrance and dyes. You may notice that your candle's coloring appears frosty or has a whitish hue at its edges. This is a natural occurrence in soy vegetable wax and is referred to as BLOOMING. The soy wax is actually crystallizing over time. The crystals may spread to the outside and top layer of your candle but in no way inhibits the high-quality burn or fragrance of your candle. Blooming is a testimonial to the purity of the our product's soy candle wax! If your soy candle doesn't bloom, it most likely contains additives and may even contain paraffin. Delightful Soy is PROUD to produce a natural, clean, and green candle experience - Watch it Bloom!
  • Since Soy Wax is WATER-SOLUBLE, a rise in temperature may cause a soy candle to sweat (tiny liquid beads on top of candle). If sweating occurs, simply move candle to a cooler location. Soy candles should NOT be left in direct sunlight.
  • All Candles contain: soy wax, fragrance, color, and cotton wick.

Burn Soy Candles Responsibly

  • NEVER leave a burning soy candle unattended!
  • Always trim your wick.
  • Place your soy candle on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Always leave at least 1/2” of Soy Wax in the bottom of a container and don’t attempt to burn wax to the very bottom of container (container may crack).